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RED 1, 4K Digital Cinema Camera

upgraded with the new low light imager.

Our Camera includes cinema accessories such as adapters to 2K with HD Lenses. We own, lens adapters and prime or zoom Canon Fd/Eos geared lenses which cover 4K. The RED1 PL mount allows any third party cinema lens. We have put Zeiss superspeeds and Cooke S4s on to good effect. Our support package includes: 8 gig CF cards, 320 Gig raid drives, matt box, follow focus, Preston remote follow focus, and almost every RED accessory. We have configured this camera for instant moves between dolly, sticks, crane or Steadicam.

This camera records in a format over 4 times as large in pixels as HD. When the images are reduced to HD or SD after editing, and effects are added, the result is truly amazing image quality. It also makes possible converting a wide shot to an HD closeup. This is certainly the format to shoot, to give your media archival quality which will be suitable for years to come.

RED 1 with basic cine setup for prime lenses ready to shoot to CF cards.

TJsr with cook zoom and our cine viewfinder shooting commercial plates at Safeco field, shooting to 640gb hard drive.

Panasonic HDX900R HD Camera

Multi-format: 59.94Hz area 50Hz area 1080 1080/59.94i 1080/29.97p (over 59.94i) 1080/23.98p (over 59.94i) 1080/23.98pA (over 59.94i) 1080/50i, 1080/25p (over 50i) 720 720/59.94p, 720/29.97p (over 59.94p), 720/23.98p (over 59.94p) 720/50p, 720/25p (over 50p)

The accessories we own include: 18X HD Canon lens, matte box, follow focus, Panasonic HD onboard monitor, 15mm light-weight support rod system, light-weight studio follow focus, or Preston remote follow focus.

SONY D SERIES, Digital Head docks to Betacam Sp or DVCam

We own the options to dock the digital head to Bvv5 or BV1A for Betacam Sp or docking to DSR1 Dvcam deck, for the best quality Dv format footage. We have accessories including manual focus control and Chorzeil 4/3 matt box.

This Japanese market camera head has 850 lines horizontal resolution, extended clear-scan to shoot computer crt monitors, skin blemish removal, extensive digital setups, custom prism block, low light capability, black stretch, white stretch, and gamma controls. Package includes: 16X Canon lens with doubler, new Century zoom through wide adapter, Chrozeil mattbox, variable intensity camera light (eye light) with dichroic flip down filter, block batteries, 3 chargers, professional Sachtler or Miller camera support, a high resolution Sony broadcast 9" color field monitor, complete audio and lighting packages.

HVRZ1U HDv Camcorder

HD and DV in NTSC or PAL: 10X lens, wide angle zoom through adapter, flip out color monitor, variable intensity eye light, mattbox, follow focus, 17in RGB HD monitor, Sachtler/Miller support and lighting packages.Our accessories include: Light weight 15mm rod support manual focus and chrozeil mattbox.

We know how to get the most out of this little HD camcorder. Talk to us about a workflow that allows the quality to get to the screen, so your HDv footage can intercut with HDCam or Varicam.

TJ Operating on a local Indy film with our RED 1

. TJ Williams sr. shooting a documentary for PBS in the Pribilof Islands of the Bearing Sea. Phil Lucas Director

TJj pulling focus in 4K by eye.

NTSC, PAL, SD, HD: Other video packages are available including BVW90is, BVW600, Digital Betacam packages, PAL European video packages, Sony PV170, or Canon XL1, and other mini Dv cameras. We can probably get you the camera you want for less than you can rent it! Contact us for price information.


TJj finished setting up to shoot an interview in HD, Fox sports style with Black Background.


TJsr shooting surgical procedures in Massachusetts for theGerman instrument company, Huere. We shot with hand held and orthoscopic cameras in abdominal surgery. TJsr has also shot orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery and brain surgery.

TJj Operating on the Film Late Autumn.

TJj at work on Feature film This one is About Love.

TJsr shooting an educational video "Face to face with Aids" about drugs and HIV. The drama was shot in central California. This program has been shown in thousands of schools throughout the United States and Canada. Yale Professor, Dr. Peter Rabinowitz, Producer and Soccoro Valdez, Director. “Yes, she is Louis Valdez’s sister.”

TJj getting ready to shoot the troll by night in 4K

TJj felt they look like the Beattles, is it the Abbey Road Album?

TJj Operating on Feature Film Late Autumn w Karen

Our lighting and grip equipment

If your budget will not allow a 3 ton or larger grip truck with onboard lighting, yet you need more than an eng kit, our 12ft lighting trailer may be the answer. Our trailer with ramp rear door and three roll-in carts contains: 15000 watts of quartz lights, chimera, fresnel, open face, ten 12ft kit stands, 6 C stands with arms, 2 milk cartons full of stingers, one set of 24in and one set of 36in solids, silks, and doubles,

two 4by4ft floppies, two 36in cukes, step ladder, extensive inventory of reflectors, clips, grip gizmos of every sort, and expendables.

Our sound equipment

Digital 3 channel mixer, Sennheiser 60 series shotgun microphone in a fuzzy wind cover on a 12’ fiber pole, 2 electrovoice #195 Uhf wireless receivers with body packs and tram heads, lots of connectors, headphones, 4 place comdex wireless director’s headphones, extra cables, and more.

Our special package deals

We make deals on combined owned equipment used on the same day. Our equipment includes: pro- cinema Steadicam, small camera Steadicam Flyer, vehicle mount and rickshaw for Steadicams, gyro stabilized aerial camera mount, camera crane (Jimmy jib triangle) with 12ft through 38ft rise, underwater housing for Z1U HD Camcorder, Weaver Steadman invertible fluid head, lighting and sound packages.

Specialized shooting skills with owned and non owned equipment.

We both have Tyler mid and nose mount experience, and padi scuba qualification with underwater shooting experience. We each have many years of Steadicam operator experience, and Jimmy jib operator experience. TJsr is a certified Matthews crane operator and Mathews remote head tech. We have extensive experience with crane step-offs and crane step-ons using our Steadicams. We have camera rig building experience, vehicle mount experience, pyrotechnic and stunt photography experience.

PORTLAND, SPOKANE, IDAHO, WYOMING and MONTANA “SPECIAL DEAL” Regional Shoots with no travel charges: Fly us in the night before after business hours, and fly us back at the end of the shoot day and we work with no travel charges!

When we drive to remote locations we charge half our shooting rate for each travel day. We also charge mileage rates based on federal standards. We do not include owned equipment rental charges in travel days. We do not include vehicle rental or use charges in travel days.

For local shoots we figure shooting location work time (10 hr day) computed door-to-door from our shop in West Seattle. On the 11th and 12th hour of work we charge 1.5 times our base hourly rate, and after that we charge 2.0 our base rate, unless other arrangements have been made.

Additional pieces of gear may be included for discount rates: See Camera Arm, Jimmy Jib, Aerial mount, Steadicam. Shoot deals below our regular prices, are based on interesting work, continuing work, interesting travel, and/or projects which assist social or environmental issues.