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Resumes for TJ Williams Jr. and TJ Williams Sr.




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TJ Williams Jr.

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Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator & Camera Operator.

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  • Emmy Award for “Kites Over Washington”
  • 2nd Place Nationally for “Love it Light”. Commercial spec for Coca Cola, Co.
  • 2nd Place Nationally for “The Kitchen Beat Box”. Commercial spec for Walmart.

Film (2002 to present):

                                Feature Films as an operator (A, B, or Steadicam)-

    Knights of Badassdom, Late Autumn, Wrong Turn at Tahoe, It Might Get Loud, The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, Zoo, Frank, The Dark Horse, Alicias Book, The Standard, Cthulhu, Golden Leaf, Lost on the B Side, Last Stand, and The Scratch

                                                Music Videos as an operator (A or Steadicam)-

                                                                     “So Many Reasons” by Bobby Hustle,, “Jah Guide Me” by D’way,                                                                          “Missing” by Grayskul,

                                                Short Films as an Operator (A or Steadicam)-
Fortune Hunters,  Slushei, This One is About Love

Commercial and Broadcast Clients (1998 to present):
Microsoft, Starbucks, Ride Snowboards, IMBEE, Volvo, Triumph, FOX, NHK, Discovery, PBS, TLC, MTV.



Cinematography                                                     (2003 to present)

                Commercial Projects
     Walmart (The Kitchen Beatbox), LEGO (Lego People), DIET COKE (Love it Light), AMAZON (Into the Wild Kindle), RIDE SNOWBOARDS (Slimewalls), K2 SNOWBOARDS.

Short Films
     This One is About Love, Thr33,  The Day my Parents Became Cool,  Anatomy of a Fly.

Music Videos
“Golden Hour” by Daniel Kamas,  “People in the Hole” by Catherine Feeny, “Walking on a Dream” remix by Kids at The Bar.


Feature Films (*additional cinematography) -
The Scratch, The Spy and the Sparrow*.






T.J. (Tom) Williams Sr.


1980 To Present: Lighting Director, Dp. Feature film Operator, 2nd Unit Dp. Wheels, Joystick, and squishy head Operator, Documentary Cameraperson, Steadicam Owner Operator, Experienced Small Project Dp. Cam Remote and Stanton Remote head operator, Aerial Mt. (Tyler) Operator, Tulip Crane Operator, Remote Head Camera Arm Owner Operator Specialist in Crane step-offs with Steadicam. Various Crane and Camera arm rigging, to vehicles, Scuba Qualified underwater photography, sports, nature, remote area photography, Efp and Eng style camera operator. Documentary photography. Familiar with almost every film and electronic Sd and Hd camera.


Feature films, Tv Series and spots for all the Networks including for example: Good Morning America, Dateline, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, NBC Sports, Life Styles of the Rich and Famous, Fox's Opening The Lost Tombs of Egypt Specials, Japan TV Sports, The Hitchhiker, Mtv Real Stories, Tom Greene Other MTV, Videos, Openings for Cuchina Amore on PBS, The Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet) cooking Show, Trading Spaces, Northern Exposure. Tailgate Warriors with Guy Fieri, The Great Race,  America's Worst Drivers. Spots for GMC Trucks, Honda, Toyota and Budweiser.

Extensive Corporate, and Organization shooting experience, examples include: Boeing, Microsoft, Microsoft NBC, Hewlett Packard, Weyerhaeuser, Intermec, Squibb Medical Systems, Budweiser, Nike, General Electric, Bank of America, United Auto Workers, AFLCIO, UW Medical, Evergreen Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and many other fortune 500 and smaller companies.


THE TOMB OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD: 35mm Feature Film, Additional Unit Dp. Steadicam Operator, Production Manager Don McLean
CROSSFIRE: 35mm Feature Film, Dp./operator, Steadicam Remote Head Operator, Director Joe Zimmerman
OPENING THE LOST TOMBS, Live From Egypt, Fox TV Special Shooting B Roll, Opens, Segments in Egypt, Producer Nancy Stern, executive producer Chuck Bond, Producer Nancy Stern
NORTHERN EXPOSURE, Television Series, Panavision Steadicam Operator, various directors. Production Mgr. J. Dan Dusek
AMERICAS MOST WANTED, Television Series, 16mm Arriflex Re-creation of the N. End Shootout, Seattle Unit, Steadicam Operator.
TAOS THE MOVIE, Digital Feature Film, Steadicam shooting in the club sequence, Dir Brandon Schmid.
THE BASKET: 35mm Feature .Film, Steadicam Crane step off at train station. 1999 Cannes Festival Producer. Rich Cowan,
ROAD BLOCK and NAVAJO BLUES: 35mm Feature Films, 2nd unit, B Camera operator, Steadicam operator, Director Joey Travolta
NORTHERN EXPOSURE: 35mm Television Series, Steadicam Operator, Crane Operator, various directors. Production Mgr. J. Daniel Dusek
EDEN: 35mm Feature Film, 1st Unit Operator, Steadicam operator, special venue Sundance film fest. Production Manager J. Dan Dusek
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III: 35mm Feature Film, Steadicam Operator, Dp. David Gurfinkel,
CRAZY IN LOVE: 35mm Feature Film, Steadicam operator, Director Martha Coolidge
EDGE OF HONOR: 35mm Feature Film, 2nd Unit, B Camera operator, Steadicam operator, Dp. Bill Dickson
TOTAL REALITY, and DARK DRIVE: 35mm Feature Films, B Camera operator, Steadicam operator, Director Phil Roth, Dp Andreas Garreton
TWIN PEAKS: Fire Walk With Me, 35mm Feature Film, Steadicam Operator, Director David Lynch
THE LAST GAME: l6mm Feature film, Steadicam, Producer Scott Haynes
SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, Crane Operator on the top of the Empire State building exit sequence.