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TJjr shooting with our RED1 and Steadicam, on street fair Scenes for a TV Pilot about Eastern WA wine country.

RED 1, 4K Digital Cinema Camera

The RED1 comes in PL Mount. Our camera will mount Canon EOS or FD lenses because we own Canon EOS/FD and Nikon lens mounts. We have geared still lenses which will cover 4K, in Canon FD and EOS mounts. We have a 2K lens adapter to ENG HD or SD lenses. These lenses are limited to shooting on a windowed sensor when the camera is set for 2K acquisition. We have everything necessary to adapt to our Steadicam or camera crane system. The camera moves between the dolly and Steadicam or crane with one clip. This is a pretty serious kit. We have most of the accessories RED makes and additional accessories from Element Technica, AJA, Petroff, and Preston..

4K Camera in Studio Mode. We have most accesssories made for the RED 1.

Panasonic HDX900R HD Camera

Our HDX900R is multi-format: 59.94Hz area 50Hz area 1080 1080/59.94i 1080/29.97p (over 59.94i) 1080/23.98p (over 59.94i) 1080/23.98pA (over 59.94i) 1080/50i, 1080/25p (over 50i) 720 720/59.94p, 720/29.97p (over 59.94p), 720/23.98p (over 59.94p) 720/50p, 720/25p (over 50p)

We have the following accessories: 18X HD Canon lens, matte box follow focus, Panasonic HD onboard monitor, 15mm light-weight support rod system, light-weight studio follow focus, or Preston remote follow focus. We also often shoot the camera on news and documentary jobs riged for eng as shown below.

Our PANASONIC HDX900 HD Camera in ENG mode.

TJsr with Bill Nye, The Science Guy, on the set of "The Eyes of Nye" TV pilot, Steadicam with Our Sony HDCam.

TJsr in Zimbabwe Africa with Director Stevan Smith, shooting "Conservation Pathfinders", an HD wildlife conservation film. The show was featured on National PBS on Earth day.

TJj pulls focus by eye on the 4K RED 1.

TJsr looks on as TJjr operates RED1 with Canon FD Primes outside Prosser WA

Three old guys hike the HD gear to the top of Goat Peak, pretty much the top of the Cascade Range. TJsr, Bill, and Steve.

Our Owned HD systems can Include:

RED1 4K, Panasonic HDX900R, Sony 700A HDCam, and Sony HVRZ1U Viewfinder, LCD finder, flip out finder, or combined monitor and viewfinder on the RED 1 or Panasonic HDX Lithium Ion 160 WH Batteries with chargers for all cameras except the HVRZ1U which has 4 batteries of

its own format. Lens hood or 4 by 5.6 mattbox. Sachtler model 30 Mk II with carbon Sachtler legs, Sachler 1 with Miller Solo, Cartoni with Miller Solo legs. Field monitors: choice of 9" CRT, two 17" HD LCDs, 6.5" high bright HD LCD, or 8” HD LCD Film style focus wheel on light weight 15/60 support or 19/100 full size rod base. Remote zoom, Sony style or Beobob compact unit. Preston Fiz, wireless focus/zoom/iris system, Extended, studio, or rear mounted RED1 EFV (HD viewfinder) Mattbox or motor support rods Eyepiece: the leveler has an extended viewfinder or viewfinder mount on RED1. RED Raw is a 4K or 2K compressed digital data recording format, which has very high quality comparable in some ways to uncompressed. Frame rates of 24 25 30 60 fps progressive in 4K and up to 120 fps progressive in 2K.

Complete variable frame capability from 1 to the format maximum.

RED 1: 4K 3K and 2K sensor windowing formats in speeds from 1 fps to 120fps in 2K

HVRZ1U Sony HDV Camera: 1080i only.

Sony 700A: 1080i native HD broadcast format only

Panasonic HDX900R: ll formats including: 59.94Hz area 50Hz area 1080 1080/59.94i 1080/29.97p (over 59.94i) 1080/23.98p (over 59.94i) 1080/23.98pA (over 59.94i) 1080/50i, 1080/25p (over 50i) 720 720/59.94p, 720/29.97p (over 59.94p), 720/23.98p (over 59.94p) 720/50p, 720/25p (over 50p) The camera is always shooting the maximum frame rate. All above are extractions so slow motion up to 60fps can always be extracted in the edit.


We can sub-rent camera or lighting equipment and make you a single package from several rental houses. If you want to use a particular camera, we can get it rented, insured and prepped for you because we have accounts and insurance in place.


Our lighting and grip equipment

If your budget will not allow a 3 ton or larger grip truck with onboard lighting, yet you need more than an eng kit, our 12ft lighting trailer may be the answer. Our trailer with ramp rear door and three roll-in carts contains: 15000 watts of quartz lights, chimera, fresnel, open face, ten 12ft kit stands, 6 C stands with arms, 2 milk cartons full of stingers, one set of 24in and one set of 36in solids, silks, and doubles, two 4by4ft floppies, two 36in cukes, step ladder, extensive inventory of reflectors, clips, grip gizmos of every sort, and expendables.

Our sound equipment

Digital 3 channel mixer, Sennheiser 60 series shotgun microphone in a fuzzy wind cover on a 12’ fiber pole, 2 electrovoice #195 Uhf wireless receivers with body packs and tram heads, lots of connectors, headphones, 4 place comdex wireless director’s headphones, extra cables, and more.

Our special package deals

We make deals on combined owned equipment used on the same day. Our equipment includes: pro- cinema Steadicam, small camera Steadicam Flyer, vehicle mount and rickshaw for Steadicams, gyro stabilized aerial camera mount, camera crane (Jimmy jib triangle) with 12ft through 38ft rise, underwater housing for Z1U HD Camcorder, Weaver Steadman invertible fluid head, lighting and sound packages.

Specialized shooting skills with owned and non owned equipment.

We both have Tyler mid and nose mount experience, and padi scuba qualification with underwater shooting experience. We each have many years of Steadicam operator experience, and Jimmy jib operator experience. TJsr is a certified Matthews crane operator and Mathews remote head tech. We have extensive experience with crane step-offs and crane step-ons using our Steadicams. We have camera rig building experience, vehicle mount experience, pyrotechnic and stunt photography experience.

PORTLAND, SPOKANE, IDAHO, WYOMING and MONTANA “SPECIAL DEAL” Regional Shoots with no travel charges: Fly us in the night before after business hours, and fly us back at the end of the shoot day and we work with no travel charges!

When we drive to remote locations we charge half our shooting rate for each travel day. We also charge mileage rates based on federal standards. We do not include owned equipment rental charges in travel days. We do not include vehicle rental or use charges in travel days.

For local shoots we figure shooting location work time (10 hr day) computed door-to-door from our shop in West Seattle. On the 11th and 12th hour of work we charge 1.5 times our base hourly rate, and after that we charge 2.0 our base rate, unless other arrangements have been made. Additional pieces of gear may be included for discount rates: See Camera Arm, Jimmy Jib, Aerial mount, Steadicam. Shoot deals below our regular prices, are based on interesting work, continuing work, interesting travel, and/or projects which assist social or environmental issues.