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He saved the day on my site! Give him a call if you have any 3D modeling, or site development, you need done. He has great rates, real artistic talent, and a fun outlook. Call Jae 206 818 0045/


Grip Electric

Pacific Grip Electric, south of town , good access to the I5 freeway, Call Ray

Film Camera Rental

Optimistic camera rental specializes more in 16 and super 16mm gear, call Lars or Karen

Clairmont camera is the big gun in film camera rental legendary service they are in LA but ship into Seattle.

Oppenheimer camera is Seattles oldest film camera rental company, call Brian or Marty

Video Equipment Rental:

Bexel, video equipment rental, seattles largest video equipment rental company, call Paul or Jim ask for Kevin if you need technician assistance.

Theatrical Supplies.

PNTA located south of Spokane street in the industrial area. Ask for Mark or J.

Helicopters for Aerial Photography.

Worldwind, The largest in Seattle located at Renton Boeing Field on the West side

Good Teleprompters with Operators.

Pro Image, Bill or Barbara (a couple) are fun and very quick with changes and operation of well maintained units. Call em. E mail:

Video Assist

John Matthews, it's hard to believe he was once my student in college. He's very conscientious and hard working with a complete well maintained kit.

James Walton has the most cleverly wired video assist stuff I've ever seen even in LA all the cables to a monitor are in only one cable, including audio and video and power. He is a very nice guy. Located in Portland but will work in Seattle. Phone 503 657 7640 no web site.

Film Labs. Seattle

Alpha Cine Lab, A giant in the NW, also in Canada, screening room, transfer to video dailies the whole enchilada.

Film to Tape or Color correction in Digital Tape to Tape Transfer.

Modern Digital, great transfer room. All Digital non-linier HD editing, ask for David

Victory Studios, hi def. editing, and the best known colorist in town John Davidson, they do a very nice transfer, a bigger shop however. Ask for Mike.