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Current news

TJ recently shot the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes prize delivery. It sure was fun to see the winner receive the big check.

TJ and TJjr worked as B camera crew on the 35mm Indy feature "The Standard" this Summer. Loads of blood and fleeing crowds as the crazed protagonist shoots up a high school. Jordon Albertsen Director.

We worked our Jimmy Jib on the Slacker Tour, Micheal Moore's wild and crazy speaking tour.

The Documentary "Conservation Pathfinders" on African and North american wildlife preservation, based on the the Sand County Almanac, is now running on PBS. It got a special national showing on Earth day this year.

Ther documentary on smoke jumpers was approved by the
National Smoke Jumpers association. It is now back in post
To be re-purposed for cable broadcast. Steve is off in Australia when he should be editing!

The Shoot in Vietnam was successful the resulting interviews With the soldiers who survived the disaster at LZ Colt. Is now a proposal for a feature film.

The Yakima Nation is very pleased with their new award winning film about elder abuse among native people. We hope this film will go a long way toward fighting this problem. The success of this project led Director Phil Lucas to a series of 3 more films.

TJ says he thinks he’s worked on the TV Spots for every casino in the northwest. Grand Central, Roman, Rascals, Emerald Queen, Funsters. Maybe they’re not gambling! Recent spots include: Toyota of Seattle, Bellevue Spa, KING TV Promo, Jean Enerson on cancer, corporate work for Ergo, Boeing Contractor, knee surgery at Evergreen hospital, a live uplink, several corp. communication pieces.

Ergometrics is just finishing post on their dramatic vignettes of youth offenders in a correctional facility. The resulting eighty plus vignettes will be used in a national program to train correction officers and a test to select more caring and consistent guards for this career which is very important to at risk youth.

Recent proposals include: Documentary Filming in Byelorussia, an independent film in Bulgaria, Commercials in Iowa, an Indy film in Hong Kong and Singapore, and possibly some work in Venezuela.