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At the end of the fifteen hour day, with an hour and a half drive back to base camp, as we hump the gear up out of the canyon to pack the trucks, ankle deep in slushy mud. We realize the wetness on our faces isn't sweat it’s just starting to rain. Oh well, only one more trip back after this to get the rest of the equipment. Try to get ahead of me to see if I'm still smiling? I Love this Job!

The shot just isn't working. I ask if You are interested in a suggestion. You say sure. So I suggest a different way to go about it. You say "Naw not right for this, I don't think so". I go back to shooting it the other way, and whatever new way you come up with. I continue to make suggestions that after careful consideration, I feel might be useful to you. I know I am the servant of this show. I still work just as hard There is no change in my attitude. I Love this Job!

You've had the idea for this for years. There have been months of writing and re-writing.You sold the idea of this show for a year. You’ve been in pre-production for 10 weeks, finding locations, casting, art direction, budgets etc. etc. Now we're into the few weeks of the shoot. Money is draining away in the most expensive portion of your project. Things are never as you dreamed them and you are finding this one of the hardest tests of your life. You have become a little edgy and upset. You are looking toward months of post production and the distribution deal is slipping. Look for the person who understands the pressure you're feeling. welcome to my world. I Love this Job!

There are a hundred ways to go wrong and only a few to go right. I only have one goal: Beautiful pictures that serve the story and flow together in the edit.