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Our digital Ravensclaw Talon head has much faster pan and tilt than Jimmy Jib / Cam mate or similar heads. Slip rings allow as many turns as you want and there are no cable tangle issues. This head also underslings on the Jimmy jib triangle crane, and allows the camera to pass much more closely over table tops or other horizontal surfaces. The head also allows motion control such as match moves to green screen and move programming and play back much more slowly than the original move for pans and tilts during time lapse photography. The head controls with either joy stick or wheels. The movements are as exact as putting the camera on a gear head. mounts to our crane and any other crane with standard Mitchell mount. This head also mounts to standard 100mm ball tripod for motion control movements or remote control of a camera on sticks or dolly.


Camera remotes include: Pan/Tilt/Focus/Zoom and Iris Controls. Custom Needle Roller Bearing Tilt and the 7th set of the new smoother more powerful pan/tilt motors delivered are included. The included lens controls are adequate for most eng video cameras. The optional Preston FIZ, which is completely wireless, is the most exact focus iris zoom system made. If using non standard cameras such as Z1U or HVX200 lens control must be sourced with the camera rental company. We have both the joy stick control and the optional wheels control.


The triangle arm is the most rigid for it's weight because of the triangle shape and the support of heavy swaged cables. Our Camera crane now has possible lengths of 7' 9' 12' 18' 24' 30' and 40' The off road base with the large pneumatic tires allows easy movement of the crane, outside, on reasonably level ground. This smaller base supports the crane up through the 24 foot arm length. The larger custom base supports the larger cranes on a five foot by five foot platform, steers at both ends, and can be narrowed to pass through a thirty inch door or hall or mounted on troughs for track use. The crane can support either remote head. The Crane and head now come packaged on carts partially pre-assembled in our custom rollout trailer. The setup and tear down are now faster than any comparable crane arm. We also have a plate that allows mounting the tripod from the off road base on troughs/track.

The 40' arm allows a maximum camera height of about 45' High enough to look down at the roof of most four story buildings.

The 30ft arm, Camera Crane docked, before the Dali Lama show at the Key Arena

Camera reach and angle of travel is often more important than height.

Our crane 7' to 40' arm loads in on three custom carts and two custom weight carts. We get into the location and wrap out faster.

Talon digital head on 26 ft Arm getting ready for a big crowd sweep for a special effects scene in a spot for a major ivy league school. Our RED1 4k camera is very well integrated to our crane. We bring Preston Fiz and all the other Cine toys.

The Crane, with Arri.435, hangs over the canyon. The Preston lens control is being held at the

Remote Head set up in the Dreamliner for AeroMex.

lower left.

30 foot crane with Super 16mm camera at WA State Capitol Bld.

38 rise camera crane in Olympia for NBC Super16mm shoot TJsr adjusting the 18ft crane arm at the Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska on a live switched remote for “Good Morning America".


The crane accepts The RED1 digital cine Camera, all ENG video cameras and lenses, all l6mm cameras with video taps, all 35mm cameras with video taps, including Arri BL, 1,2,3,or 4 and Panavision, including the G2. At the 30 and 40 foot lengths their are weight limitations of 27lbs so larger 35mm film cameras cannot be flown and middle size cameras like the RED1 are limited to smaller lenses clip on matt boxes etc..

Camera remote start stop and remote lens control, are included for 16mm or video. (Our focus system will turn most 35mm lenses, but we recommend rental of our Preston FIZ system or similar.) (We cannot start stop all Aaton cameras because of differences in the wiring within the same models.)

We are very experienced camera crane operators. TJsr is also a Matthews Certified Remote head technician. Both of us are very experienced, using either the joy stick or wheels. both of us are also very experienced as boom operators. Our usual method of operating is as a two person crew which guarantees the best repeatable moves and most safety at live events. We are also willing to work as your technicians and allow your shows camera operator to operate the crane. We strongly recommend our very experienced crew people to get the most from the use of our camera arm, and to provide complete safety. We carry an additional two million dollars liability Insurance.

Minimum recommended personnel is one person from our shop, as set up and tear down technician/safety captain/driver, who may also work your show in another capacity once the crane is placed and built. Local delivery and setup by our technician can include instruction in crane operation.

The crane and remote heads are contained in a closed locked ramped aluminum trailer with a two inch ball. It may be towed with a midsize or larger auto, an SUV, pickup or mini-van. We allow your crew to deliver to save overtime or mileage costs.


The Stanton Triangle arm is more rigid than any previous light weight arm. It will support all cameras up to and including a Panavision G2. The Stanton remote control head is also light weight. It is wheel controlled, or joy stick controlled. Lense for remote focus, iris, and zoom are included. The motors are all smooth and exact Enough for most uses, 35mm film and/or longer lenses may require use of our Preston fiz wireless lens control. The head quickly converts from overslung for maximum height to underslung for minimum distance over surfaces, or maximum negative swing. The arm rides on a four way leveling head for quick base leveling on location. The head is also adjustable for level. The arm can be mounted with our adapters onto any standard Mitchell mount such as a Fischer dolly.. Our camera crane is air shippable, in heavy duty cases. The Crane uses standard barbell type weights which are widely available. These can be purchased inexpensively on locations to avoid paying for shipment. The jib includes the heavy duty latest series Stanton tripod, 3 wheel dolly, the off road base is relatively small, stable and quick to move. There are three wheel brakes and pan tilt locks. A12 volt power for the jib and monitor is included as well as up to 50 foot of remote cable to the head is included. Focus zoom can be either Studio TV Style with variable zoom rate or a second film style focus unit is included. For more challenging zoom focus or iris we offer a Preston Fix iris/focus/zoom system which is as accurate as any made. Tilt is a special after market needle bearing for smoothest operation with heavier cameras.

Pan/Tilt motors are the 7th set of improved motors sold in North America. Very few Stanton Jimmy Jibs have these much more expensive smoother more powerful motors.


We can sub-rent camera or lighting equipment and make you a single package from several rental houses. If you want to use a particular camera, we can get it rented, insured and prepped for you because we have accounts and insurance in place.


Our lighting and grip equipment If your budget will not allow a 3 ton or larger grip truck with onboard lighting, yet you need more than an eng kit, our 12ft lighting trailer may be the answer. Our trailer with ramp rear door and three roll-in carts contains: 15000 watts of quartz lights, chimera, Fresnel, open face, ten 12ft kit stands, 6 C stands with arms, 2 milk cartons full of stingers, one set of 24in and one set of 36in solids, silks, and doubles, two 4by4ft floppies, two 36in cukes, step ladder, extensive inventory of reflectors, clips, grip gizmos of every sort, and expendables.

Our sound equipment Digital 3 channel mixer, Sennheiser 60 series shotgun microphone in a fuzzy wind cover on a 12’ fiber pole, 2 electrovoice #195 Uhf wireless receivers with body packs and tram heads, lots of connectors, headphones, 4 place comdex wireless director’s headphones, extra cables, and more.

Our special package deals We make deals on combined owned equipment used on the same day. Our equipment includes: pro- cinema Steadicam, small camera Steadicam Flyer, vehicle mount and rickshaw for Steadicams, gyro stabilized aerial camera mount, camera crane (Jimmy jib triangle) with 12ft through 38ft rise, underwater housing for Z1U HD Camcorder, Weaver Steadman invertible fluid head, lighting and sound packages.

Specialized shooting skills with owned and non owned equipment. We both have Tyler mid and nose mount experience, and padi scuba qualification with underwater shooting experience. We each have many years of Steadicam operator experience, and Jimmy jib operator experience. TJsr is a certified Matthews crane operator and Mathews remote head tech. We have extensive experience with crane step-offs and crane step-ons using our Steadicams. We have camera rig building experience, vehicle mount experience, pyrotechnic and stunt photography experience.

PORTLAND, SPOKANE, IDAHO, WYOMING and MONTANA “SPECIAL DEAL” Regional Shoots with no travel charges: Fly us in the night before after business hours, and fly us back at

the end of the shoot day and we work with no travel charges! When we drive to remote locations we charge half our shooting rate for each travel day. We also charge mileage rates based on federal standards. We do not include owned equipment rental charges in travel days. We do not include vehicle rental or use charges in travel days. For local shoots we figure shooting location work time (10 hr day) computed door-to-door from our shop in West Seattle. On the 11th and 12th hour of work we charge 1.5 times our base hourly rate, and after that we charge 2.0 our base rate, unless other arrangements have been made.

Additional pieces of gear may be included for discount rates: See Camera Arm, Jimmy Jib, Aerial mount, Steadicam. Shoot deals below our regular prices, are based on interesting work, continuing work, interesting travel, and/or projects which assist social or environmental issues.