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Tools are not better than the technicians who use them. We have worked as sound recordists or camera persons and recordists on programs for National corporations such as Microsoft, and Boeing, we have recorded sound for events like Bio, in Chicago and the National Association of State Legislators. We have worked as sound technicians on Nationally distributed documentaries and news programs such as PBS News hour. Our skills and equipment are very adequate for interview and simple dialog recording or for recording stand-ups of various sorts.

If we are going to be working on reality or drama which records a larger number of participants we highly recommend getting a specialist sound person, who specializes in the type of recording being done. We will be pleased to recommend some of the local sound technicians who have excellent larger equipment packages, years of experience, and great National reputations.

Our location sound cart. Digital mixers from 3 to 8 ch are available.

Our primary field mixer is a Sound Devices 302 which is the standard for digital audio. This has as clean a signal to noise ratio as any field mixer available.

Our UHF Electrosonics radio body packs feature Tram mic heads, which are the best.

Our Electrosonic UHF Receivers. These are widely recognized by sound professionals as the best brand. We also can equip with full diversity UHF or other higher end radios, or additional UHF Electrosonic radios as required.

We monitor through the camera electronics with our quick release professional sound snake so that what the audio tech hears is what is actually being recorded.

The headphones we use are professional quality, with electronic noise cancellation so that we are hearing more nearly what you are getting through the microphones and not what is ambient near the sound tech.

We bring a lot of extra cables, we use Canari cables which are the best, but cables can fail so we have backups.

Our gear can come out ENG style carried by the sound tech. or shipped to remote locations as luggage or ahead of the crew. Sometimes we work from a cart sometimes from our body sometimes from a table top or scrunched into a small corner.


1 Sound Devices 302 or 1 Mackey 6ch desktop mixer. 2 UHF Electrosonics body packs and 2 receivers. 4 Tram professional microphones with body mounts of various sorts and windscreens. 1 Sennheiser 60 series shotgun microphone with wind screen and 12' carbon pole. 1 Rhode shotgun microphone with full blimp and puppy for really bad weather. 1 set of professional noise cancellation headphones and one backup set of std. headphones. 1 audio snake and 1 backup. 6 backup or extension XLR audio cables by Canari We have an assortment of adapters to field feeds used at news events or in auditoriums. We

can also adapt to outputs from other non professional feeds such as VCRs and Consumer recorders, or microphone systems, We have a variety of microphone mounts. such as velcro leg strap ons. We also bring several black boxes to solve various interference problems.

Cordura and mesh body pack for ENG style shooting. 2 Halliburton padded shipping cases. 1 Sound cart