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STEADICAM SYSTEM: Film/Movie Rig XCS PRO fiz or Tiffen Steadicam Flyer.

TJjr is a strong, young operator trained by Jerry Holway, (inventor of the variable top stage) and Garrett Brown (inventor of the Steadicam). TJsr and TJjr often assist each other, so you get the best of both worlds--experience and strength. On long days we can trade out operating so we last longer.

We also have a lighter weight running/small camera rig, (Steadicam Flyer LE) and have worked long hours in the harness even in tropical locations. TJjr recently worked twelve hour+ days in the rig in Haiti. “100n100”--One hundred degrees and one hundred percent humidity!

Hard mounted Steadicam with Gyros as a Boat mount TJsr operator

TJjr balancing Arri SR3 on the Steadicam, outside the stage for a VH1 video in Seattle.

TJsr has 25 plus years experience on feature films, network TV programs, TV series, advertising and corporate work. He has been a Steadicam instructor at the Ojai California workshops. TJjr has over 5 years operating experience on TV and feature films.

TJjr with the 270 degree wrap around HD rig in Mongolia, says he can lift a horse.

TJsr on the set of "Jason Takes Manhattan". This shows our rig before the Klassen vest.Panavision X camera is up… Plenty heavy rig…. Ah the horror!

TJj Shooting with our running rig steadicam on a Segway for The Bio Conference in Chicago.

TJjr on the set of a recent digital film shot in Seattle, based on a Russian folk story.


All SD Video cameras and lenses, all l6mm cameras and lenses, and all HD cameras and lenses Supported 35mm cameras include: Moviecam SL; Moviecam Lightweight; Arriflex 2C, 3C, and all Model 3; Arriflex Light Weight; and Early BL with geared lens housings. Our rig will also support later Arri Bl, Panavision Lightweight and Modified X.

CAMERAS SUPPORTED BY OUR STEADICAM FLYER LE: All Sony HDv Camcorders, all JVC HDv camcorders, Panasonic P200 camcorders and all Dv camcorders.

TJsr prepares the Steadicam on the Set of "Crossfire", a feature film shot in Burbank, Moviecam Lightweight 35mm is on the rig.

TJj with the RED1 Camera up using foreground in a follow shot. COMPLETE STEADICAM SYSTEM Custom Sendera cine sled with 1.5in post, using Xcs Pro Tiffen parts and Sendera 2 cine sled, with 2in

post using Xcs, Pro and Rig parts.

Either cine sled has two 12v or 24v camera power and video amplified distribution. Both are telescoping post and the #2 sled has a super post for maximum high and low camera position. Flyer LE Sled with heavy duty wiring for RED1 digital cinema camera Pro high bright green screen CRT with Xcs overlays, Hummingbird high brightness LCD screen, Panasonic 9in HD screen, or Tiffen Flyer screen

Custom Klassen vest which allows the operator to support heavier cameras and/or work in the harness for longer periods Standard Cp vest for operating in tighter spaces Flyer vest for very light weight cameras or as part of our flyer running rig

57 lb Gold Spring heavy duty arms Custom Rickshaw allows hard mount of the Steadicam to a low cart which is pushed or pulled with the operator sitting in a small racing seat.

Preston Fiz 3 motor system-- the best lens control for focus, iris, and zoom

Modulus 3000 video transmitter will transmit timecode and video, with Diversity receiver with dual yagi antennas and 17in LCD monitors for video village Vehicle Mount to 2" ball receiver for SUV or van allows the Steadicam to make the vehicle work like a

camera car

Aircraft mount and dolly mount for Steadicam, allows dolly to move smoothly over uneven terrain and smoothes the ride in aircraft photography Video tap system for Arriflex covers the eyepiece of: Arri 2C, 3, Bl 1,2,3,4. The light weight video tap is

suitable for Steadicam or remote camera cranes Hand held wireless video receivers for the director

System to quickly allow the entire built camera for the Steadicam to transfer to the crane, dolly or sticks without reconfiguring. AJA HD conversion boxes from HDSdi and HDComponent to analog or HDSD for the Steadicam or other

SD monitor

Low mode camera conversion bracket, including Baer Bal low mode cage and low mode D bracket Many other clever bits and pieces Ask about special deals on our cameras or Crane with a Steadicam day. Competitive rates gladly quoted

TJsr on the “ExileChair" set of "Dark Drive" a feature film, shooting sync sound 35mm.This very heavy Arri BL4 was used in this action sequence.

Trying out the latest Steadicam Accessory at NAB. Not quite ready for prime time.

OPERATOR EXPERIENCE: Please see the resume page for a sample of production experience and the “what they say” page to hear what producers, directors and Dp’s say about TJsr and TJjr.

SUB-RENTAL EQUIPMENT: We can sub-rent camera or lighting equipment and make you a single package from several rental

houses. If you want to use a particular camera, we can get it rented, insured and prepped for you because we have accounts and insurance in place.

OWNED SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Our lighting and grip equipment

If your budget will not allow a 3 ton or larger grip truck with onboard lighting, yet you need more than an eng kit, our 12ft lighting trailer may be the answer. Our trailer with ramp rear door and three roll-in carts contains: 15000 watts of quartz lights, chimera, fresnel, open face, ten 12ft kit stands, 6 C stands with arms, 2 milk cartons full of stingers, one set of 24in and one set of 36in solids, silks, and doubles, two 4by4ft floppies, two 36in cukes, step ladder, extensive inventory of reflectors, clips, grip gizmos of every sort, and expendables. Our sound equipment Digital 3 channel mixer, Sennheiser 60 series shotgun microphone in a fuzzy wind cover on a 12’ fiber pole, 2 electrovoice #195 Uhf wireless receivers with body packs and tram heads, lots of connectors, headphones, 4 place comdex wireless director’s headphones, extra cables, and more.

Our special package deals

We make deals on combined owned equipment used on the same day. Our equipment includes: pro- cinema Steadicam, small camera Steadicam Flyer, vehicle mount and rickshaw for Steadicams, gyro stabilized aerial camera mount, camera crane (Jimmy jib triangle) with 12ft through 38ft rise, underwater housing for Z1U HD Camcorder, Weaver Steadman invertible fluid head, lighting and sound packages.

Specialized shooting skills with owned and non owned equipment

We both have Tyler mid and nose mount experience, and padi scuba qualification with underwater shooting experience. We each have many years of Steadicam operator experience, and Jimmy jib operator experience. TJsr is a certified Matthews crane operator and Mathews remote head tech. We have extensive experience with crane step-offs and crane step-ons using our Steadicams. We have camera rig building experience, vehicle mount experience, pyrotechnic and stunt photography experience. PORTLAND, SPOKANE, IDAHO, WYOMING and MONTANA “SPECIAL DEAL” Regional Shoots with no travel charges: Fly us in the night before after business hours, and fly us back at the end of the shoot day and we work with no travel charges! When we drive to remote locations we charge half our shooting rate for each travel day. We also charge mileage rates based on federal standards. We do not include owned equipment rental charges in travel days. We do not include vehicle rental or use charges in travel days. For local shoots we figure shooting location work time (10 hr day) computed door-to-door from our shop in West Seattle. On the 11th and 12th hour of work we charge 1.5 times our base hourly rate, and after that we charge 2.0 our base rate, unless other arrangements have been made.

Additional pieces of gear may be included for discount rates: See Camera Arm, Jimmy Jib, Aerial mount, Steadicam. Shoot deals below our regular prices, are based on interesting work, continuing work, interesting travel, and/or projects which assist social or environmental issues.